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Healthcare Managed IT Services - Networking Consultation, Network Management includes: LAN and WAN networking, User Management, Data Management. Information Services Management includes: Backup, Data Recovery, Data Storage, System Security, System monitoring, Help Desk/Service Desk, for single or multiple offices. Communication Services includes: Internet connectivity, Email, VOIP Telephone, Remote office Secure Connectivity.  System Consultation - We provide system consultation of new and existing medical offices projects. We devote our 80-years of combined experience for this service. Each project is thoroughly evaluated, documented, and recommended the most efficient solution(s).  Cloud & Hosting Services - Our Aprima and\or Medisoft Clinical EHR System, Medisoft and\or Lytec PMS are available now as cloud-based, and host services connectivity any-time 24x7 from any where, and maintain your data backup on premise, and remote locations at the most competitive fee.  •	System Implementation - EHR, and PMS installation, Speciality & office based configuration and Customization, Hardware installation & configuration of entire EMR/PMS/Add-Ons to work the way it is supposed to be implemented the first time. •	Training & Support- Offer Training on Software On-line, One-to-One, Class-Room environment, and over the Phone of complete system including EMR, PMS, add-Ons, and Provide on-going technical & full support. •	Virtually Paperless Environment - Our goal is to take your office towards virtual Paperless. We all know paper cannot be avoided, but we suggest, recommend, implement ways and add-Ons to minimize paper as much as possible. •	System Hardware & Software - Supply only Brand Named Hardware: Computers, Servers, Firewall, Backup Devices, Printers, Phones, Scanner, etc.; Medisoft, and\or Lytec (PM), and any other software suitable, and economical to make your office efficient. Advanced Micro is Full Service Healthcare IT, and Medical Billing(RCM) Services Providers

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AMCSI is Full Service CMG-eMDs Certified Value-added Partners Providing Services but Not Limited to:
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Our RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) is not One-Size fits all and Customized for your Office Requirements. It is Comprehensive Service includes all the way from Patient Data & Charge Capturing to Submitting Claims to Follow up payments through out the payment cycle. Have complete electronic process in place, knowledge, and Capability to Handle any size Practice. Provide help in various credentialing, and enrollments to smooth the Cycle.
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Provide Comprehensive Support for EHR, PM, Implementation, Training On-line & One-to-One, On-going Support, Reports & Software Customization to suit your requirement, Data Recovery, etc. Data Migration into Medisoft\Lytec from any PM in CSV format. Please inquire more about it.
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